LoepingTV is a dynamic online network created to give a platform to exclusively uplifting, innovative, thought-provoking, inspiring and entertaining content. Every content on the network undergoes strict examination before being aired, to ensure that they meet these five criteria, so that you feel truly terrific after watching each program. Furthermore, as from April 17th 2015, expect the network to premier a series of new online talk shows, scripted dramas, award shows, documentaries and comedies. All LoepingTV programmes are Loeping content,so called because they have met the rigorous standard to which all content aired on the network is submitted.


Loeping TV promises you that we will only show you content that does five simultaneous things for you: Each content must uplift, empower, inspire and entertain you at the same time. Any content that we feel does not do these five things for you, will not be allowed to air. So, every time that you feel our content meets these five criteria for you, please, please, please let us know. You will be making our day in such a big way. Your feedback lets us know that we are getting it right. It encourages us.


We are inspired by our dream of a brighter, more understanding and tolerant world, where human lives count more than diamonds, where people are paid a fair wage and where equality in all manner of the word, reigns. We believe in a safer, more harmonious world, where love and care flows in abundance from the green fields in Africa to the white sands of Miami Beach. We believe that the word ‘developing’ should indicate a transition to a better, advanced state, rather than a perpetual state of non advancement or regression, whether the developer is a person, place or company. For this reason, we believe that all that is in ‘development’, whether it is a developing country, person, talent, youth, relationship or personality, should be aided, enabled and allowed to reach that state of advancement that they are seeking through their efforts.

Our purpose therefore is to help those of you who are working to uplift your family and your environment. Here on Loeping.TV, we call you Loepers. Loeping.TV will shine a torch on your efforts, air documentaries and talk shows about what people, including celebrities, are doing around the world to lift it up. We will produce great award shows to recognise the efforts of today’s heroes and entertain you with shows, music and scripted dramas.

We see the economic, political and social challenges that individuals face today in the world. And one thing has become very clear to us: Wherever you are, whoever you are, for you to have a world that meets your needs, that advances in a way that allows you and the generations after you

The book should inspire increased levels of public spiritness in the reader and belief in a better world.

We are all curators of the world.


Our mission is to help the people of each country on earth to rise to create a better world of their country. We care about every country and its peoples, regardless of creed, race, colour, religion, personal history and personal preferences. We are making this site the Earth’s leading source for purely Loeping content. Loeping content is uplifting, innovative and informative and includes Talk shows, web series and documentaries. It has 2 specific traits:

1. It helps to resolve a specific problem for the viewer / audience.
2. It educates, inspires and entertains. 

The network will premier in 2016 with online shows that target men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds, depending on the show. In the coming months expect the network to premier a series of new online talk shows, scripted dramas and comedies. 


Loeping.TV offers numerous creative opportunities for our partners to reach a valuable, targeted audience. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about launching a campaign on Loeping.TV.

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I believe that everything has a positive
I identify with the following beliefs:
I value wisdom from every experience
I believe in turning adversity into gains
I believe in a life of purpose and passion
I value inner peace and persevering happiness and want it for myself, the world and everyone in it.
I choose to believe in better and commit to improving the world around me.