Founder’s Message

Hi, I am Moni Oyofo, founder of LoepingTV.

Fans of my book, Finding Purpose and Fulfilment, know that I believe in the law of attorangeraction and in the importance of having a vision and taking action to create a desired future. (For those new to my work, I write under the pseudonym of M. Empress). I believe that we can attract into our lives the things that we want, but only if we take action to bring them in, and focus our energies and creative resources effectively, to make it happen.

What I want to accomplish through the content we provide on LoepingTV,  i.e., the films, documentaries, shows, dramas, music and books, is the following: A detailed, sensory-rich picture of an improved and improving world with advancing peoples – an image so real and engaging that it inspires audiences to replicate it in their local communities, according to their own perceptions. I believe everything starts with a vision of better, and that the clearer, more detailed and sensory-rich the vision is, the more motivated and able we are to translate that into reality. I believe that what we focus on influences what our life becomes.

This is the reason why LoepingTV will only air content that helps to create a better world, and an empowered human race. We will celebrate goodness and shine a torch on the nobility and generosity of today’s heroes, made up of ordinary, everyday people and celebrities. With us, you have a chance to focus on the vision you want to see occur in the world, where you and your loved ones prosper and enjoy a great quality of life, where you are safe, loved and high in self-esteem. We will only air content that empowers and uplifts you, that informs, educates, entertains and inspires. Some will thrill you, some will amaze you, and they will all grow you.

There is plenty of good going on in the world today. We hope that by fanning the flames of the good and the better, we are helping its spread. And we hope that you will partner with us all the way through by spreading the word about us and our mission, and by taking part in our public engagement activities. We love you and are all about you.

I look forward to seeing you one day,