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Are you a writer who believes in speaking things into existence? Then you have come to the right place to get your dream manuscript published. Or are you a reader who enjoys reading about things you want to see more of in your life? Then this is where you will always be sure to find exclusively that genre of content. Here at Enlightened Eye Publishing, we call that type of content, ‘Loeping’ content. Like you, we believe in speaking dreams into existence. Join us. We are on the look-out for books that tell stories of a brighter future for a place, a people, or a community, and books that focus on positive outcomes.

About Enlightened Eye Publishing

Enlightened Eye Publishing is a dynamic media publishing house that deals exclusively with ‘Loeping’ content. Its mission is to become the Earth’s most popular publisher of exclusively ‘Loeping’ media content. By Loeping content, we refer specifically to content that uplift hearts and minds and inspire the creation of a better, more caring and safer world, where individuals can be who they want to be, and thrive in harmony in their home environments, with all they need to attain their highest potential. Publication can include books, music, television shows, films, web series and documentaries. To find out more about the significance of ‘Loeping’, read on, and feel free to read the flagship book, “Finding Purpose and Fulfilment.”

What is Loep and Loeping?

Loep is an acronym for Legacy, Others, Enthusiasm and Passion. To say you are Loeping is to say that you have decided to take on a cause that will improve the quality of life of a specific community and which enables you to express your passion and your values in a way that lives on in the memories of those touched by the effects of your work – a work that so touches others that it lives as your legacy.

Loeping is the action of working towards a Loep, i.e., a purpose that channels your passion, expresses your values, fills you with enthusiasm and gives your life additional meaning that significantly uplifts and empowers you.

A Loep is a purpose you elect to take on, which meets the following four criteria: It fulfills your passion; it significantly benefits a target audience; it fills you with enthusiasm when you think of it, or act on it; in pursuing your mission you create your own legacy, your gift to the world.

In the book, Finding Purpose and Fulfilment: How to Experience Happiness by Discovering Your Purpose and Living Your Passion the concept of Loeping is explored in beautiful detail.


We are delighted to tell you about our first book publication which occurred in the middle of January this year. We are very proud of it and invite you to take a look at it and tell us what you think of the self-help book that we titled: Finding Purpose and Fulfilment: How to Experience Happiness by Discovering Your Purpose and Living Your Passion

Readers and fans can expect a series of self-help books to be published in the coming months. What’s more, you are invited to submit your personal stories about finding wisdom and happiness and overcoming challenges, through your life experiences. The best, true, stories will not only be published in an upcoming publication, but will also be dramatised in one of our aired television series. So get cracking and send us your Loeping stories.

Authors and Contributors

If you are an aspiring or published author and you write books of the Loeping genre, then you are gladly invited to submit your manuscripts to be considered for publication. They must be books that uplift and empower the reader, and inspire him to view the world as a place of hope and abundance, where he can make a difference and actively participate in improving the quality of those groups and/or individuals who make up his world. The book should inspire increased levels of public spiritness in the reader and belief in a better world.