The following are shows that are due to premier in mid-2017

 “The Remarkable Show – The World’s Loepers”

The “Remarkable Show” is a talk show about remarkable people doing remarkable things. The show, which is hosted by Charisma Empress will present interviews with show guests, from heads  of industry to thought leaders, celebrities and everyday heroes. They are people who have followed their passion and are helping to improve the lives and world in which they live. They are today’s visionaries, leaders and role-models. On the show, we call these people by the name they have earned – “Loepers”.

The format of the show includes interviews with special guests, either with one remarkable guest or with a panel of remarkable guests. It will sometimes be filmed before a live audience. The chat will be aimed at understanding the inspirations, perspectives and insights of these remarkable Loepers and role-models and reviewing important hot topics happening in our world today.

Information about other shows will be added in due time. Please come back or send us an email if you can’t wait for more information.

“The Loeping Awards Show”

An  annual show during which remarkable people are awarded three types of awards:
– The Loeping Prize for Remarkable Contributions  and Humanitarian Acts.

– The Loeping Award for best entertainers and entertainment for the Loeping category, including Loeping film of the year and best actors, singers and performers of the Loeping genre.

– The Loeping Award for the authors of the ten most impactful and inspiring books published that year, in the Loeping category.

The show features live music performances, comedy skits, presentation of awards by special hosts, before a large, live, audience.

Public Participation: The public is allowed to submit clips of movies and music that  you think should be on the Loeping Awards list, as well as the names of performers or celebrities you feel should be on the list too. The same goes for books and authors.

“The Music, Film and Book Review Show”

Weekly review of Loeping category work by a panel of diverse experts and avid consumers.


More information to come regarding the premiering Shows. Feel free to check back with us, soon!